Do you know the

uncomfortable feeling of being lost

at the Airport?

Traveling can be a stressful and tedious process…

You know exactly what we’re talking about:

  • Never-ending queues at check-in, Luggage drop, and security check, and once more at the Stores.
  • Limited to Terminal & Gate as well as to the variety of products to choose from.
  • Having to shop quickly so you can finally leave the airport stress behind.
Or your favorite color, size, and quantity is just not available
Imagine; there where a solution for your problem to “discover, select and buy” your favorite thing for YOU, and your loved ones “on-the-fly” at a Fingertip,
while air traveling  🛍️
Curious? Great, then read on
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Why should I use DutyFreak

DutyFreak makes that all go away by upgrading your shopping experience.

Think airport shopping without the discomfort.

Our app allows you to shop online from anywhere you arewithout getting stuck behind someone at checkout.

A new way to explore the stores and offers at the airport. Open the DutyFreak app and hold all available products in your hand.

Add offers and services to the shopping cart, order and pay contactless. Pick up your purchase without the hassle of queues, done!

Not sure what’s allowed? No problem anymore. You tell the app where you are going and receive the relevant information depending on the destination.

Everything for your
Air Trip In One App

Food, Fashion & More

A curated travel experience

It’s very frustrating to walk into a store and find out they don’t have what you’re looking for.

Especially when you’ve waited to get there for SO long…

You’re hungry for some snacks, but the store doesn’t carry your brand.

And so…

You settle for what’s available.

Well, forget about that.


We’re working on it to add Stores across the food, beauty and fashion industry to ensure that you get the best selection of products possible.

You can sort by brand, product or category on our app and take it from there.

How It Works

DutyFreak makes that all go away by upgrading your shopping experience.

Think airport shopping without the discomfort.

Our app allows you to shop online from anywhere you arewithout getting stuck behind someone at checkout.


All you have to do is:


Choose your Airport

Install DutyFreak-App,

browse your Airport and explore your favorite stores and discover new brands and products.


Find & Pay Products

pick a product, choose an available point of pickup and pay your cart direct at the App

Contactless, secure & comfortable!


Pick up or Delivery to Gate

Your products will be waiting for you when you arrive at the Airport-Store. Completely independent of terminal and gate – no hassle, no fuss

But pure shoping experince!

Benefit of DutyFreak

Receive up-to-date travel information

Our app is more than just a shopping marketplace.

Because if we’re being honest, shopping isn’t the only uncomfortable thing about flying.

There’s also:

Missing your flights because of updated schedules.

Customs allowance *available soon

Begin your comfortable trip at home

If you install DutyFreak now, you don’t ever have to worry about the stress of travel. Even before you arrive, you can order your products, chose a departure airport, and curate your own experience.

  • 01. Enjoy explore Airport

    browse your favorite Stores and discover new brands.

  • 02.Order & pay

    pick a product in your cart and pay easy and secure.

  • 03. Collect on the way

    Pick up your order on the way to gate. Comfortable

  • 04. Customs allowance

    Be clever. Your customs allowance at a glance.


#Discover your airport
No, no registration is required to connect, discover and be inspired at the airport with the available products and services as well as access to the flight overview.




#Order your ONE+ favorite thing

YES, if you want to order something, you must of course register so that you are satisfied with your order.

The app is free of charge for travelers. In the future we will add more added value.

It is up to you to use this too.  😉🛫

Yes, of course, you can get inspiration from home about what is available at the participating airports before you enter the airport.

Yes, of course, you can already be inspired at home, in your airport lounge or on the way to the gate, what is available for you and your loved ones at the participating airports.

Today, you can conveniently pay with

Apple Pay (depending on your Device & settings)

Google Pay (depending on your Device & settings)

Credit Card 

inside the DutyFreak-App, which is directly connected to the store.

You can explore and discover your airport hours, days or weeks before your flight for inspiration.


Note that you must have a valid airline ticket as your purchase is subject to destination regulations and customs duties.

Any number, 🛍️🛫🎉
depending on customs regulations and legal regulations.


Excess quantities must be specified and, if necessary, declared.


Some destinations have limitations of
– valuables (jewellery)
– protection of species

After your successful order you will receive a
– E-mail confirmation with the status of the payment
– Order Confirmation

You can find it in your DutyFreak app under 

Profil -> Orders

To place and find your order, you must be registered and logged in.


The order ID is also the take away number if the payment was successful.

What our Testers say

We love Feedback at DutyFreak!

Let us know the missing features and bugs so that we can improve the experience for you.

In the meantime enjoy the great things at your DutyFreak Marketplace while Journey.

Get Started 🚀

However, if you wait till you get to the airport before downloading, you’re already too late.


Download the DutyFreak-App now and experience a better travel experience from start to finish.

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